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Libby Montana’s outdoor themed shops provide gear for all types of outdoor enthusiasts. Libby’s outdoor shops also provide maintenance for hunting equipment, bicycles, motorized terrain vehicles, and fishing equipment. Whether you’re looking for new gear or just a tune up, the shops have it covered. Listed below is info and directions for the outdoor themed shops in Libby MT. Happy Shopping!

Libby Sports Center

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Libby Sports Center in Libby Montana Libby Sports Center in Libby Montana
You'll love this Sporting Goods store!

Outdoor Gear, Hunting and Fishing Equipment, Licenses, Shoes, Clothing


Libby Sports is Libby Montana's largest and longest standing outdoor gear store.  Not only is Libby Sports an incredible outdoor gear store, but they are well worth visiting if you're a tourist.  Libby sports offers a huge selection of fishing supplies, hunting supplies, outdoor apparel, recreation supplies, bicycles, and so much more.  Montana hunting and fishing licenses can be purchased at Libby Sports as well as maps of the area.

Additional Info

  • Address: 204 W 9th St., Libby, MT 59923
  • Phone Number: 406.293.4641

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